Why do addons have two prices?

Individuals will generally use the addon on a single site they manage and maintain on their own. Organizations might have a larger budget to justify spending more on a relatively inexpensive piece of software that brings value to their business. Keep in mind that an experienced developer would charge considerably more to implement this functionality. Choose the price that best describes your situation.

Can I use my addon on multiple sites?

You should purchase an addon for each of your production/live WordPress installations. If you are running a multisite/network configuration, purchase 1 addon and it will work on all the child sites. It’s fine to use the addon on multiple developer or staging sites.

Can I get a refund if this addon is not for me?

We’d like to understand better why the addon didn’t work out for you. Perhaps we can improve it and release an updated version that will benefit you. But if you truly do have buyer’s remorse, get in touch and we will refund you up to 14 days after your purchase date.

How do I get updated versions?

The Revisionize plugin will notify you if an update is available for one of your installed addons. You can then login to your account here to download a newer version.

How do I upgrade from Individual to Organization?

Thanks for being honest, but don’t worry about it. If it’s really eating you up inside, show your support in other ways.

When I go to pay on PayPal it says Hippocurious Interactive Inc. What is that?

It is the business name that the plugin author runs his freelance business from.

PayPal doesn’t show me any credit card fields – it wants me to login

At the bottom there is a grey button that says Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card.